Learning the Vietnamese language, why not? 

Vietnamese for beginners | A foreigner is wearing a headphone to learn Vietnamese listening skill.

Are you interested in the benefits of learning Vietnamese for beginners? Look no further! Embarking on a journey to learn Vietnamese can be a truly rewarding experience, offering a multitude of advantages that extend far beyond language proficiency. From unlocking a vibrant culture to fostering connections with locals, and from enhancing your travel experiences to opening doors to exciting career opportunities, the benefits of learning Vietnamese are boundless. So, join us as we delve into the remarkable advantages that await beginners in mastering the Vietnamese language.

The benefits of learning Vietnamese

Exploring 4000 years of Vietnamese history 

Embarking on a journey to learn Vietnamese not only allows you to grasp the intricacies of the language but also opens the doors to delve deeply into the captivating history of Vietnam. By immersing yourself in the Vietnamese language, you gain access to a wealth of historical resources, documents, and narratives that offer a profound understanding of this vibrant nation’s past. By delving into these resources, you can unravel the fascinating stories of emperors, dynasties, and pivotal events that shaped the nation’s trajectory.

Learning Vietnamese for beginners empowers you to explore Vietnam’s ancient civilization, from the legendary origins of the Vietnamese people to the enduring influences of Chinese and French colonization. By understanding its language and history, you may gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese rituals, customs, and behaviors. 

Moreover, knowing Vietnamese allows you to engage with Vietnamese historians, scholars, and experts, fostering insightful discussions and gaining a deeper appreciation of Vietnam’s historical context. Conversations in the native language create a bridge between you and local historians, providing you with unique insights and perspectives that may not be accessible through translated works.

For short, learning Vietnamese is the key that unlocks a treasury of historical knowledge, allowing you to embrace the soul of a nation shaped by its vibrant and complex history.

Work and business opportunities 

When you learn Vietnamese for beginners in Vietnam, besides traveling around this beautiful country, you may spend your life working or doing your own business in this industry of more than 50 million local workers. Although some local and global companies in Vietnam currently don’t make any requests for expatriates for proficient in the Vietnamese language, knowing and deeply learning about their mother tongue shows respect and appreciation for the country you are living in, and unlocks more job opportunities in particular. 

Many foreigners living in Vietnam are English teachers that need to get in contact with many Vietnamese students of different ages. It will get easier for both if you can pass on knowledge in bilingual. Or, if you are the one who starts your new business in this rapidly developing economy, using Vietnamese makes you aware of the prices, taxes, business contracts, suppliers, customer behaviors, and local competitors, to have an overview for creating strategies and business operations. 

Vietnamese people are always extremely interested and proud if foreigners learn and try to speak their mother language. Let’s try to work on the Vietnamese language as happy and determined as you are, and asking for natives’ help will show your enthusiasm and commitment to this country. Besides your qualification and work experience, language is a competitive edge part to take more opportunities and get a promotion in the Vietnam market. 

Vibrant works of literature, music and art 

Vietnamese literature spans centuries and offers a diverse array of captivating works. From ancient folk tales and poetic masterpieces to modern novels and contemporary poetry, the Vietnamese language carries the essence of these literary treasures. By learning Vietnamese, you can read these works in their original form, capturing the intricacies of language, imagery, and storytelling that may get lost in translation. 

For example, Truyện Kiều, a masterpiece of literature written by Nguyễn Du tells the tragic life of a young and virtuous woman named Thúy Kiều, is celebrated for its cultural significance in Vietnamese society beyond its literary merits. 

Throughout history, besides literature, music developed and adjusted in each region and each age, becoming a crucial part of the Vietnamese culture world. From the North, the soul-stirring tunes of Ca Trù and Quan họ to the majestic resonator of Royal Court Music in the Middle, to the rustic sounds of Đờn ca tài tử in the South, all of them create the whole colorful picture of the country’s musical heritage. Moreover, Vietnamese pop and other modern music, also have catchy melodies and professional performances, that you can catch up at the coffee shops or nightclubs in every corner of this country. 

In addition to literature and music, Vietnamese art forms such as painting, sculpture, and lacquerware offer a visual feast for the senses. By learning the language, you can explore the stories behind their creations, and gain a deeper understanding of the symbolism and cultural context embedded within their works. For instance, the image of a legendary creature symbolized nobility, eternal life and cosmic power, a dragon, depicted differently during the Ly, Tran, Le and Nguyen dynasties depending on the historical background, aesthetics, religious influence. 

Where to learn Vietnamese for beginners in Vietnam? 

If you are new to the Vietnamese language and desire to get to know more deeply about Vietnam, both language and culture, Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS), which specializes in providing Vietnamese for beginners, is worth considering! 

By joining and completing VLS’s courses, you’ll have the confidence to engage in pronunciation, basic conversations, understand simple texts and navigate daily situations in Vietnamese-speaking environments. 

For beginners, learning a language takes time and practice. Be patient with yourself and embrace the learning process. Immerse yourself in authentic Vietnamese materials, such as music, movies, and books, to further enhance your skills and cultural understanding. Get ready to embark on a Vietnamese learning journey at VLS as you explore the beautiful language and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Vietnam.


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