Our Services

The Corporate Training Program provides courses with the content and teaching methods tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each client. The Vietnamese language courses can be general or industry specific and offered at all levels.

Classes can be conducted at VLS campus or at your workplace at a time that suits your schedule. The length of the training is generally determined by the client with consideration to learning requirements and expected outcomes.

We have been selected the school of choice by universities, consulates and corporations alike, and members of our faculty have gone on to teach Vietnamese at prestigious universities both abroad and in Vietnam.

VLS was one of the first institutions in Vietnam to recognize the importance of training teachers in teaching Vietnamese as a Foreign Language (VFL). In the past decade, VLS has organized six intensive pedagogical teacher training seminars in VFL theory and practice.

Since we are committed to providing the learners with practical and effective learning experience, we:

  • Update teaching methodology and skills everyday,
  • Supervise and coach in adjust teaching skills to individual learning style,
  • Conduct workshops monthly with the aim of providing teachers opportunities to share or to exchange their individual areas of expertise with one another,
  • Implement new curriculums and course materials, and evaluate existing courses,
  • Join many workshops and conferences organized by VLS as well as by Ministry of Education and Training.

In general, teachers are well prepared with Vietnamese language knowledge and teaching strategy right at the beginning of their training course. Many of the best graduates of our training courses have become VLS full-time teachers, while others have gone on to become distinguished teachers of Vietnamese at various institutions throughout Vietnam and in the United States.
Our goal is to increase qualified teachers in VFL and to provide VLS partners and clients the best academic courses which help them in achieving Vietnamese language in a most effective and natural way.

For more information about our teacher training courses, please click HERE.

Academic Vietnamese is a standard training program for learners who wish to pursue well-balanced Vietnamese language proficiency to facilitate their future Vietnamese studies. The program is organized from beginning to advanced levels, maximizing learners’ ability to use Vietnamese in all four key areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The learner’s language goals will be achieved naturally and confidently in an energetic and creative environment. An assessment system is an integral part of the program. It includes daily quizzes, homework, assignments, mid-terms and final tests.

The program can be conducted intensively, which is suitable for short study abroad programs. The content and curriculum of a 2-month intensive course at VLS are comparable to 2 semesters of a college Vietnamese language course. VLS is currently taking care of Vietnamese academic training for CET Academic Programs and GUAVA-VASI, two US-based study abroad programs.

In addition, VLS also helps to arrange with the field experts as guest lecturers/speakers in Vietnamese linguistics, literature, culture, society, etc.