History & Values


Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS), formerly known as Saigon Vietnamese Language School for Foreigners (SVLSF), was established in 1994 by Dr. Vo Xuan Trang as one of the very first Vietnamese language institutions in Ho Chi Minh City.

VLS specializes in teaching Vietnamese language and culture to students from all around the world. We take pride in having successfully trained thousands of students and partnered with multiple organizations and businesses for the past three decades. Our success is owed to our belief in the continuous investment in the quality of our teaching methodology, course curricula, and classroom infrastructure.


  • Nhiệt tâm (Nhiệt: zeal, Tâm: heart): To us teaching is an art. We encourage and nourish the creativity of each teacher. Our passion is the great source of energy for our devotion and creativity, which allows us to bring the Vietnamese language to your heart, from where your progress is inspired and your insight into Vietnam is gained. Our talented teachers are devoted to their profession and maintain a strong desire to continue to develop this fresh new profession. We aspire to bring the language to the learner’s heart.
  • Commitment: We are highly committed to effective language acquisition for our students. Our teaching and our school is an on-going development to constantly bring more value to our students. Through our shared commitment, we are motivated to innovate dynamic curricula, more effective teaching methods, and maintain an encouraging learning environment that integrates high technology with the passion and talent of our staff.
  • Stewardship: At VLS we work together to fulfill our founder’s desire and our vision of what VLS will be in the future. While our teachers take initiative to develop their skills to become excellent teachers, our supportive staff contribute to a positive work environment that is conducive to learning and studying the Vietnamese language. Our academic department is always assist your teachers and provide them effective teaching aids, materials, language activities, and advice.
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