Vietnamese for Kids

Course description

This streamlined Vietnamese language course is brought to life with a combination of
interactive activities and content designed to facilitate a fun, responsive and supportive
learning environment for your kid(s). Throughout the course, our professionally trained teacher will bring energy and expertise to every lesson, and strategically select course materials that will spark your child’s brain powers, develop Vietnamese language fluency, promote social skills, and ignite future academic success


Teaching Methodology


Confidently talk about themselves, describe their interests, and express their thoughts
and feelings in different situations.

Enrich their vocabulary, develop their comprehensive communication skills and produce spontaneous speech in daily-life conversations.

Power their creativity and cognitive abilities through different class activities.

Utilize their transferable Vietnamese language skills in other academic and social

Teaching Methodology

Communicative Approach: Active engagement in real and meaningful communication will facilitate spontaneous and continuous language production, enabling your kid(s) to acquire Vietnamese language skills naturally and at a faster pace.

Game-based Approach: Each lesson is integrated with goal-oriented games that
encourage engagement, build motivation and promote language development.

Project-based Approach: Educational projects will encourage your kid(s) to use their critical thinking ability, creativity, and language communication skills to design, develop, construct, and implement hands-on solutions for complex questions or challenges.

Story-based Approach: Strategically selected stories are incorporated into the lessons to teach Vietnamese language in a meaningful and memorable context, strengthening your kid’s cognitive, cultural and emotional development.