Why Should You Learn Vietnamese?

Why should you learn Vietnamese?

Are you living in Vietnam? Or just want to learn a new language? If so, starting to learn Vietnamese might be a great option for you! Vietnamese is a fascinating and complex language with a rich history and culture. Learning Vietnamese can open up a world of opportunities, both personally and professionally. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why you should consider learning
Vietnamese and how it can benefit you in many ways. So, let’s dive in and discover why taking Vietnamese lesson could be a great choice for you!

The reasons why you should learn Vietnamese

To find out the historical and cultural treasure

Vietnam has a rich and diverse culture with a long and complex history of more than 4000 years. Unfortunately, all the documents that are preserved to this day are written in Vietnamese. By learning Vietnamese, you can gain a deeper understanding of this culture and explore its literature, music, and arts. For example, since when did the Hue royal court music (nhã nhạc cung đình) be found? Why only for royal families? And what kind of instruments are they combined from and what is the meaning of its lyrics?

All of these questions will be answered thoroughly when you learn Vietnamese!

Professional opportunities in the fast-growing economy

As Vietnam’s economy continues to grow, there are many opportunities for businesses and individuals who can speak Vietnamese. By learning this language, you can position yourself for jobs in a variety of industries, including international trade, tourism, and diplomacy.
In addition, working in a local environment may be hard for you if you can’t speak Vietnamese. For not getting lost, talking in Vietnamese will help you get closer to your colleagues. Vietnamese really appreciate it if you can learn and speak their language!

Travelling around one of the most happiness countries

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many attractions to explore. By learning Vietnamese, you can enhance your travel experience by communicating with locals, understanding the culture and history of the places you visit, and immersing yourself in the local lifestyle.

Just because you are looking for a new challenge!

Vietnamese is a challenging language to learn, but the rewards are great. By mastering Vietnamese, you can broaden your understanding of the world and develop a deeper appreciation for different cultures.

Where can I learn Vietnamese?

There are many centres in Vietnam that teach you Vietnamese. One of the reputable places that foreigners trust is Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) in Ho Chi Minh City with nearly 30 years of teaching and training experience. At VLS, we offer Online & In-person courses tailored to your abilities and goals.

Some Vietnamese lessons you can refer to are:
● Business Vietnamese
● Survival Vietnamese
● Culture Mentality
● Vietnamese Pronunciation (which is tough but amazing!)
● And more courses that you can find out on our website here!

Not over yet, we also organize monthly Vietnamese language exchanges as well as events on special occasions to expose you to Vietnamese culture. If you are interested in these things, don’t hesitate to drop VLS a message!

In conclusion, the way you learn Vietnamese is a worthwhile investment of your time and effort. Depending on your purposes, taking Vietnamese lesson is good for you in different ways. If you decide to learn our language, please remember that VLS is always waiting to see you!


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