Why are more Việt Kiều learning Vietnamese online & offline?

learn Vietnamese online

For Việt Kiều, the term used to describe overseas Vietnamese, language plays a pivotal role in preserving their cultural heritage and reconnecting with their ancestral homeland. As a result, an increasing number of Việt Kiều are turning to learn Vietnamese online and offline courses, seeking to reclaim their language and strengthen their ties to Vietnam. This growing trend begs the question: Why do more Việt Kiều embark on this language-learning journey? In this article, we will explore the driving factors behind their quest to learn Vietnamese and shed light on the invaluable benefits it brings to their personal, cultural, and professional lives. 

Why do more Việt Kiều learn Vietnamese online & offline?

Seeking their roots 

The statistic shows that the number of Việt Kiều living in another country increases annually.  Their children, who grow up in another culture and language, have little chance of learning the mother tongue and all about their homeland. At some point, this young generation is always wondering many questions about their roots, ancestors, and everything that belongs to Vietnam. And language is the fastest way to find these answers. Language serves as a powerful tool for maintaining a sense of belonging and understanding their roots. By mastering how to speak Vietnamese, Việt Kiều can reach historical documents and videos, participate in cultural traditions, and deepen their understanding of Vietnamese literature, music, and history.

Tightening family relationships 

Some Vietnamese people moving to another country to live and work find it hard to learn a foreign language as opposed to their children, who don’t know Vietnamese really well. That creates a generation gap and sometimes conflicts in their home. Kids never understand why their Vietnamese moms are always strict with curfews or A+ grades for all exams, why their dads always force them to study and work as doctors or architects, etc. Maybe learning Vietnamese can help a part! By bridging the communication gap, Việt Kiều can foster stronger relationships, gain a deeper understanding of their family’s stories, and forge a stronger connection with their loved ones.

Cultural Exchange and Integration 

By learning Vietnamese, Việt Kiều can actively participate in the Vietnamese community, both locally and globally. Language proficiency facilitates social integration, enabling Việt Kiều to engage in community events, celebrations, and discussions. This active involvement fosters cultural exchange, encourages mutual understanding, and promotes the sharing of experiences and perspectives between Việt Kiều and their fellow Vietnamese citizens.

A meetup of Vietnamese Circle, where Viet Kieu and other Vietnamese language learners meet and make friends with each other

Traveling and working in Vietnam 

Sometimes, Việt Kiều spends their time coming back to their homeland, Vietnam, to travel or work, so learning Vietnamese is a must-try. For those who travel in the short term, knowing Vietnamese will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Vietnam has a lot of historical tourist attractions from the North to the South, which is a good way for you to discover your ancestral roots by listening to the local tour guide. Or, if you are a foodie, Vietnamese cuisine should be on your list. Knowing about the origins and the cooking method, especially how to order Vietnamese food, would be more convenient if you know how to speak Vietnamese

For Việt Kiều who will work in Vietnam, it may be hard for you if you can’t speak your mother tongue. To not get lost, talking in Vietnamese will help you get closer to your colleagues and create connections with them also. 

Where to learn Vietnamese online & offline? 

If you are a Việt Kiều and are looking for a trustworthy Vietnamese language school, Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) would be worth considering! There are many overseas Vietnamese students who have been studying Vietnamese at VLS for many years, most of them have been learning online with Vietnamese teachers and improving their language very quickly. Even if you live in another country, you can still connect with your homeland through Vietnamese lessons. 

VLS offer both online and in-person courses that can be personalized depending on your demand and time. At VLS, “it’s living, not just learning”, which helps you get better knowledge in all aspects, language and culture in particular. 

The increasing number of Việt Kiều learning Vietnamese online and offline speaks to their deep desire to preserve their cultural heritage, strengthen family bonds, seize professional opportunities, promote cultural exchange, and embark on a fulfilling journey of personal growth. By bridging linguistic gaps and nurturing their connection to Vietnam, Việt Kiều is embracing its identity and contributing to the vibrant global Vietnamese community. In this digital age, technology, and offline endeavors have empowered them to make language acquisition accessible and immersive, ensuring that their heritage remains a source of pride and inspiration for future generations.


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