Olivia - From CET Academic Programs

Friday, April 5,2013

It’s hard to believe it has only been one week since I started Vietnamese. So far, I feel like I have learned a lot, and with the help as cô Dung, learning has been a lot of fun.

The lesson plans has been taught at the perfect pace, and I feel like I will learn a lot of under the tutelage cô Dung and the VLS staff!

Sarah - From CET Academic Programs

Friday, April 5,2013

Chào VLS! It’s only been a week but so far I’ve found the program to be very helpful. Although it’s a hard language to learn the way the it is taught is very understand and I believe I will learn a lot in four months.

Torbjorn Toms - from Norway

Thursday, January 10,2013

Very good, I’m impressed how far I got with only 2 week intensive course, as I had no previous experience with any Asian language. People are very friendly and competent.


Harofin Assary - from USA

Thursday, January 10,2013

VLS!!! Great staff, awesome teachers, enriching experience. Words that only begin to describe my time here. Vietnamese is like taking music lessons, once you master the tones the rest is easy going. I can’t think of a single complaint towards this school/ facility. I have gained a lot knowledge about the culture and language and I hope to use all that forward conducting business with Vietnam in the future. Thanks so everything.

Cảm ơn! Merci!

John Wilson - from USA

Friday, November 9,2012


I loved studying here. Thầy Đăng and cô Hòa were fantastic teachers. They were able to help me progress at a rapid pace. Plus, they were incredibly friendly & fun. Really happy with my experience. Also really enjoyed the office staff. They were very helpful as well. Thanks so much VLS!!!

Daniel Kehoe (Dan) - from USA

Friday, November 9,2012

I arrived with a little background in Vietnamese but left with the confidence and ability to speak some basics so that normal Vietnamese could understand what I was saying! This was a great sense of accomplishment and was the result of the patience, expertise and skills of the teachers at VLS. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience!

Steve Heder - from London, UK

Monday, October 22,2012

I had a fantastic time and was able to learn an extraordinary amount thanks to the competency and dedication, not to mention the patience and sympathy of my instructors. Professionally and interpersonally, they were fantastic. My only regret is that I have not been able to immediately continue for many more months but I very much hope to return soonest.

Andreas Mueller - from Austria

Friday, October 12,2012

I always enjoyed my classes and left the school with a feeling of having made good progress. VLS teachers are really committed to teaching their students in a fun, efficient and comfortable way. Thank you for making a very complicated sounding language sound less complicated.

Elise Zachert - from Australia

Monday, September 24,2012

Thank you to they can and to the rest of the VLS! I’ve had an absented ball studying Vietnamese and look forward to coming back for my next course. Who knew studying could be so much for! Thank you again.

Michael Paiano - from London, UK

Monday, September 24,2012

Thank you they can and all the staff at VLS, I’ve had fun and learn a lot. I would continue to the next course if I was staying in Vietnam longer! All the best for the future, see you or facebook!

Thanks again,

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