Dynamic Participant Program

VLS Dynamic Participant program will heighten your Vietnamese proficiency level and help you quickly become an active participant in the Vietnamese culture and community. Our four levels take you from being on the outside of the Vietnamese culture and community to being like a welcome family member. Each level – Join In, Connect, Share, and Like Family – marks your progress in the Dynamic Participant Program.
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Our training program and methods will increase your interaction with Vietnamese locals, strengthen your practical language skills, broaden your knowledge about, and build strong connections with the Vietnamese culture and community. Speaking and listening skills are the priority at the initial “Join In” and “Connect” levels. Reading, essay writing, discussion and presentation skills are developed in the “Share” and “Like Family” levels.
 Let us take the PRESSURE OUT of learning and guide your GROWTH and PARTICIPATION in Vietnamese language, culture and community
Let’s see your GROWTH when you LIVE IN VIETNAMESE with VLS! 
Level 1: JOIN IN (80 hours) 
Welcome to the Vietnamese language, culture and community! 
At the Join In level, the courses are taught with a strong emphasis on listening, speaking, and functional fluency. Course topics, vocabulary, and functions of communication are carefully compiled to provide you with the language patterns that you will need to successfully “survive” and thrive as you experience everyday situations in Vietnam. Upon completion, you will achieve a solid foundation not only in conversational Vietnamese but also in phonetics (pronunciation), grammar and cultural aspects. You are well-prepared for the next level of Vietnamese language studies and for engaging in Vietnamese culture and community. 
The Join In level includes two courses: 
                  Join In 1 (40 hours)                                             Join In 2 (40 hours) 
                      •   Self introductions                                      •   Asking about and describing 
                      •   Food,   beverages   and   ordering             people and things while 
                          in restaurants                                                 sharing personal opinions 
                      •   Jobs & occupations                                  •   Hobbies 
                      •   Introducing people and things                   •   Asking   and   giving   directions & 
                      •   Shopping                                                       Traveling 
                      •   Family, sharing experiences                     •   Time & daily activities 
                                                                                             •   Habits and routines 
                                                                                             •   Making an appointment 
Level 2: CONNECT (80 hours) 
Chúc mừng! Congratulations! You are ready for stronger connections to enhance your experience in Vietnam! 
In the Connect level, course units are also sequenced to deal with functional language patterns and vocabulary that you will typically use in situations encountered on a daily basis in Vietnam, but now you will be trained for more developed conversations.  Natural Vietnamese is strongly emphasized in the Connect courses, and interaction with the locals is encouraged in every lesson. Teaching pronunciation continues to be emphasized as an important part of the curriculum. Small reading texts are also included in the course units. Upon completion, you will be confident with your conversational skills and have functional fluency to converse properly on everyday topics with good cultural awareness. 
The Connect level includes two courses: 
          Connect 1 ( 40 hours)                                          Connect 2 (40 hours) 
              •    Shopping with more product                  •   Residence & neighborhood 
                   details                                                     •   Renting a house 
              •    Talking about a trip or service                •   Daily routines   and    habits   in 
              •    Booking a tour or service                           depth, interviewing a famous 
              •    Making a phone call, making a                  person 
                   business arrangement                           •   Likes &  dislikes in depth, 
              •    Expressing capability,                                discussion about hobbies 
                   possibility                                                •   Describing a job/business, 
              •    Health  and sickness, medical                   place of work/working 
                   treatments                                                  environment in depth 
                                                                                  •   Describing someone and 
                                                                                      his/her characteristics in depth
Level 3: SHARE (240 hours) 
Chúc mừng! Congratulations! You are ready to comprehensively express yourself through sharing about your personal life, perspectives, expertise, and passions with others as well as to thoroughly and thoughtfully share/understand (interpret) others’ stories. 
In the Share level, every course has a topic-based syllabus, which includes thorough and comprehensive work for improving your language skills and enriching your perspectives. We use semi-authentic to authentic materials, sources, and native environment (Vietnamese news briefs, articles, video clips, movie extracts, idiomatic sayings, etc.). Your knowledge of Vietnamese grammar will be strengthened. Reading and listening comprehension, discussion, and oral presentation are all geared toward providing you a wide range of topical vocabulary. Opportunities to experience Vietnamese life, culture, and traditions for your personal reflections are more frequently introduced to you during the courses. You also start to practice writing essays. Upon completion, you continue to develop higher proficiency in oral and written Vietnamese of intermediate level, with greater cultural awareness and sensitivity. You will be able to take part in more complex conversations and exchanges which demonstrate your expanded and further refined language skills. 
  The Share level includes three courses: 
  SHARE 1 (80 hours)                         SHARE 2 (80 hours)                          SHARE 3 (80 hours) 
  Level 4: LIKE FAMILY (LF) (240 hours) 
 Chúc mừng!  Congratulations! You  are  now  feeling   as   attached    to  Vietnamese language, culture and community as to a family  member. You  can be proud of this achievement, which is now a significant part of your life. 
The Like Family level courses aim to raise your Vietnamese language and cultural competency to an advanced level. Every course continues to have a multilayered, topic-based syllabus, which includes thorough and comprehensive work using authentic materials, sources, and native environments. Course by course, you will read, listen to and discuss selections from local newspapers, TV news, documentary films, journals and modified literary excerpts about the native country, people, culture, history, economy, politics, and society. Lesson units are structured around up-to-date topics directly related to your needs and interests. You will be well trained in speaking at length and expository writing with refined arguments. 
  Upon completion, you will be able to: 
  -   understand Vietnamese spoken by native speakers at a natural pace, with a variety of regional accents and 
      dialects in both informal (interpersonal) and formal (presentational) contexts; 
  -   express yourself both orally and in writing with outstanding performance using different strategies for different 
      audiences and communication contexts; 
  -   develop an active vocabulary sufficient for reading newspaper and magazine articles, journals, literature, and 
      other non-technical writing without dependence on a dictionary; 
  -   translate and interpret more effectively in casual situations as well as in academic and professional contexts. 
  The Like Family level includes three basic* courses: 
           LF 1 (80 hours)                            LF 2 (80 hours)                            LF 3 (80 hours) 
*With your growth at the Like Family level, you can continue to develop your participation in Vietnamese language, culture and community with our Active-Member-level courses, equivalent to Distinguished Advanced level.
  SPECIAL COURSES (Please contact us if you need further details): 
      •   Active-Member courses: Business Vietnamese/Vietnamese for Special Purposes 
      •   Basic Conversational Vietnamese through video clips 
      •   Intensive Conversational Vietnamese 
      •   Vietnamese Literature & Advanced Vietnamese Composition 
      •   Vietnamese for Heritage Learners 
      •   Other customized courses per individual requirements 



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