VLS’s Reforestation Commitment to Plan 1500 Tree in Bến En National Park

VLS's Reforestation Commitment MOU Signing Ceremony.

VLS’s Reforestation Commitment Contract Signing Ceremony

We are pleased to announce the signing of VLS’s Reforestation Commitment Contract between Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) and Gaia Nature Reservation (Gaia). The contract signed on Friday, February 24, 2023 has officially launched our very first reforestation project that aims to help restore forests, mitigate climate change and create positive impacts for each and every one of us.

We would like to express our most sincere appreciation to our students, clients and friends who joined us at the signing ceremony to celebrate this milestone.  

And a big thank you to individuals and organizations that had purchased Vietnamese language courses at VLS. Every purchase of Vietnamese language courses contributes to our project to plant 1500 trees in Bến En National Park in 2023. In recognition of your support and contribution, we will have the names of individuals and organizations that register for Vietnamese courses this year on our Honor Tree. 

Along with VLS, Lành Farm is also a crucial member of this collaboration project. Lành Farm had participated in past afforestation activities and will continue to contribute an additional 155 trees to the 2023 Bến En National Park afforestation project. Together, we will work to protect our forests, the best line of defense against natural disasters, global warming and other climate crises.

VLS’s Environmental Commitment

With 29 years of experience, VLS has established its reputation as a leading institution specialized in providing personalized Vietnamese language and culture courses to more than 13,000 individuals, especially expatriates, and over 500 businesses stationed in and outside of Vietnam. VLS is committed to not only providing quality education, but also pursuing an eco-friendly living style and social involvement through many environmental, charity and CSR programs that help bring their students, corporate partners and community members together for good causes. 

Afforestation is one of the effective and practical solutions in the response to climate change. Our watershed forests will be taken care of and monitored for 4 years to ensure the proper growth and development of the newly planted trees. The survival rate of trees planted in Bến En National Park is up to 86%. Period progress reports on VLS’s Reforestation Commitment project will be released on our website and social media page.

We are very excited to embark on a new journey with you. Our efforts will go miles further because we have your help and support. Thank you for your continued trust and for being part of the change. We believe that a little kindness to the Earth goes a long way.


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6 months ago

[…] purchase of our Vietnamese language courses contributes to our reforestation fund to plant 1500 trees in Bến En National […]

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binance тіркелгі
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