Adopt Vietnamese Travel Phrases I Transportation and Accommodation

Vietnamese travel phrases I Transportation and accommodation options in Vietnam, including various modes of transportation and a range of accommodation types

Enhance your trip to Vietnam with essential Vietnamese travel phrases. This blog post focuses on transportation and accommodation, providing practical phrases and tips to navigate the country seamlessly. From exploring vibrant streets to immersing yourself in ancient cities, these phrases will help you connect with locals and make informed choices. Dive into the world of Vietnamese travel phrases for a more immersive and rewarding experience.


Vibrant Vietnamese street scene showcasing bustling transportation and traffic with motorbikes, bicycles,…

Vietnamese travel phrases for taxi interactions:

  • Asking the driver to slow down: Say, “Làm ơn chạy chậm hơn một chút” (Please drive slowly).
  • Requesting the driver to go faster: “Làm ơn chạy nhanh hơn một chút” (Please drive faster).
  • Requesting a temporary stop: Use the phrase, “Có thể dừng ở đây được không?” (Can you stop here temporarily?).
  • Arriving at the destination: “Đến rồi, cám ơn.” (We’ve arrived, thank you).

Remember, politeness and respect are crucial when interacting with taxi drivers or anyone else. These phrases will help you effectively communicate your needs and ensure a smoother taxi ride experience in Vietnam.”

Using Public Transportation

Green Mai Linh taxi waiting in a Vietnamese city.

Vietnamese travel phrases for navigating buses or trains effectively. To communicate your desired destination to the driver or conductor, use the phrase: ‘Xin lỗi, tôi muốn đi đến [destination]’ (Excuse me, I want to go to [destination]).

If you’re unsure about the location of the nearest bus station, ask: ‘Bến xe buýt gần đây ở đâu?’ (Where is the nearest bus station?). Knowing the final stop of a bus route is also useful, and you can inquire by saying: ‘Điểm cuối của chuyến xe buýt này là gì?’ (What is the final stop of this bus route?).”

Renting Motorbikes

Learn essential Vietnamese travel phrases for renting a motorbike. Begin with “Tôi muốn thuê một chiếc xe máy” (I want to rent a motorbike). Ask about the price by saying, “Bao nhiêu tiền một ngày?” (What’s the price per day?).

Mastering these phrases ensures a seamless motorbike rental experience, enabling you to confidently explore Vietnam’s scenic roads and picturesque landscapes.”


Vietnam’s diverse accommodation options cater to different preferences and budgets. To book a hotel room smoothly, learn these essential Vietnamese travel phrases. Approach the hotel staff and politely say, ‘Tôi muốn đặt một phòng’ (I want to book a room at your hotel).

To inquire about room availability, ask, ‘Còn phòng trống không?’ (Do you have any vacancies?). If you’d like to inspect the room before deciding, say, ‘Tôi muốn xem phòng trước’ (I would like to see the room before deciding).”

Checking In

A smooth check-in process at your hotel is key to a pleasant stay in Vietnam. Knowing the right Vietnamese travel phrases can make it even better. If you have a reservation, say ‘Tôi đã đặt phòng rồi’ (I have a reservation) to inform the staff and retrieve your booking details. Remember to carry your passport and ID, and say ‘Tôi mang theo hộ chiếu và giấy tờ cá nhân’ (I have my passport and identification documents).

Lastly, ask for the Wi-Fi password by saying ‘Xin cho tôi biết mật khẩu Wi-Fi’ (Please provide me with the Wi-Fi password). These phrases will ensure a smooth check-in and a comfortable start to your stay.

Asking for Assistance

During your Vietnam trip, it’s important to communicate effectively for assistance or specific needs. Use these Vietnamese travel phrases when required.

For room or facility issues, say ‘Tôi cần sửa chữa’ (I need repairs). To seek recommendations or ask questions, use ‘Bạn có thể giới thiệu một số địa điểm tham quan không?’ (Can you recommend some tourist attractions?).

In conclusion, learning Vietnamese travel phrases for transportation and accommodation greatly improves your trip to Vietnam. By communicating effectively, you’ll navigate easily, connect with locals, and have a better experience overall. Master essential phrases for taxis, public transportation, and rentals to explore confidently. Also, learn vocabulary for booking hotels, checking in, and getting help to make your stay comfortable. Speaking Vietnamese shows respect and helps you make meaningful connections on your journey.

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