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Vietnamese lesson: What is RICE in Vietnamese?

What is RICE in Vietnamese? Is it lúa, thóc, gạo or cơm? Rice is a staple in many regions of the world, Vietnam included.

Do you know that, in Vietnamese, pre-harvest rice, threshed rice, milled rice and cook rice have different names?

“Rice” được xem là nguồn thực phẩm chính của các gia đình Việt. Với mỗi giai đoạn của cây “rice”, người Việt có các cách gọi khác nhau để mô tả chúng; đó là lúa, thóc, gạo, cơm.

Bạn đã phân biệt được các cách gọi này của “rice” chưa?

Vietnamese lesson: Rửa

“To wash” is a verb popularly used in daily life. In Vietnamese, “to wash” have different translation versions. The video with a skit based on a very famous Vietnamese folktale, Tấm Cám, will help you to learn how Vietnamese people use “to wash” in daily-life conversations.

“To wash” là một động từ thường gặp trong đời sống hằng ngày, tuy nhiên động từ này lại có rất nhiều cách dùng cho các vật dụng, đồ dùng khác nhau trong tiếng Việt. Video dưới đây, với câu chuyện dựa trên truyện cổ tích Tấm Cám, chắc chắc sẽ giúp bạn hiểu rõ hơn các cách dùng của “to wash” trong tiếng Việt.

Vietnamese lesson: Dễ + Verb

Dễ means easy, doable or achievable without much effort or difficulty. When the word dễ is paired with a verb, the resulting compound word means that such action, occurrence or state of being can easily and is likely to happen.

Vietnamese Lesson: Hóng

“Hóng” is popularly used in daily life, especially in social media pages. Let’s see the video to know what this verb means and how people use it.

Vietnamese lesson: To wear

There are several ways to say “to wear” in Vietnamese, depending on which item of clothing or accessory you’re referring to. VLS hope that the video below will help you to use “to wear” correctly.

Vietnamese Lesson: Cho/cho thêm

Vietnamese cuisine is quite famous for its rich and robust flavors created by the sophisticated combinations of herbs and spices. So if you are living here in Vietnam or will be traveling to Vietnam, occasionally or even on a daily basis, you will find yourself eating out at restaurants or ordering food at street food vendors.

So in today’s lesson, we will learn a few simple phrases and grammar patterns that will come in handy whenever you’re out there buying food and other items as well.

Vietnamese Lesson: Trừ

As a preposition, “TRỪ” means except, not including; other than. The video with skits below will help you understand how to use “Trừ” in daily conversation.

Vietnamese Lesson: Khoan


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he author uses the familiar images such as mother’s voice, rice fields, bamboo and buffalo to describe a peaceful and rustic Vietnam which is the element creating and nurturing our language – Vietnamese language.

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