Survival Vietnamese: 14 Essential Phrases for Travelers

Discover essential Survival Vietnamese phrases and learn how to connect with locals. Enhance your travel experience in Vietnam. Read our article to find out more!

Traveling to Vietnam offers a great chance to experience a rich and diverse culture. Learning Survival Vietnamese is essential for an enhanced journey. It will help you connect with locals and navigate the country confidently. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through essential phrases, from greetings to emergencies, that every traveler should know. Let’s dive in and make your travels in Vietnam more rewarding and unforgettable!

Greetings and Basic Phrases

survival vietnamese

1. Xin chào – Hello: Use this versatile greeting to say hello to anyone you meet. Whether it’s a friendly shopkeeper or a fellow traveler, a warm “Xin chào” will always be appreciated.

2. Cảm ơn – Thank you: Expressing gratitude is important in any language. Say “Cảm ơn” to show appreciation when someone helps you or provides a service. The genuine smile that follows will make your interaction even more memorable.

3. Xin lỗi – Excuse me/Sorry: In busy markets or crowded streets, you might need to politely get someone’s attention or apologize for a minor inconvenience. “Xin lỗi” is your go-to phrase for such situations.

4. Tạm biệt – Goodbye: When it’s time to bid farewell, say “Tạm biệt.” This phrase is used to say goodbye to both individuals and groups, and it reflects your appreciation for the time spent together.

Using Survival Vietnamese Phrases To Ask For Directions

1. “Lối ra ở đâu ạ?” – Where is the way out?: When navigating public spaces such as train stations, shopping centers, or airports, it’s useful to know how to ask for the exit. Use the phrase “Lối ra” to inquire about the way out.

3. “Cho hỏi bến xe bus gần nhất ở đâu ạ?” – Where is the nearest bus stop?: If you plan to use public transportation, knowing the location of the nearest bus stop can save you time and confusion. Ask this question to seek directions to the closest bus stop in the area.

When asking for directions, it can be helpful to have a map or the name of your destination written down in case language barriers arise. Additionally, be prepared for different ways of giving directions in Vietnam, as locals might use landmarks or notable buildings rather than street names. Vietnamese people are generally friendly and willing to assist, so don’t hesitate to approach them with your questions.

It’s also worth considering using technology to aid your navigation such as Google maps. However, don’t solely rely on technology; embrace the opportunity to engage with locals and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Vietnam.

Survival Vietnamese: Shopping and Bargaining

1. Cái này bao nhiêu tiền? – How much does it cost?: This question is crucial when inquiring about the price of an item. Use this phrase to initiate discussions on the cost of a product and engage in friendly negotiations.

2. “Anh/chị giảm giá được không?” or “Anh/chị bớt đi”- Can you give me a discount?: Bargaining is a common practice in Vietnam, particularly in markets and street stalls. Use this phrase to politely ask if it’s possible to receive a discount on the listed price.

3. Tôi chỉ có…đồng – I only have…dong: If you’re working within a specific budget, this phrase will come in handy. State the amount of money you have to spend, and the vendor may offer you options within your budget or consider adjusting the price accordingly.

When engaging in bargaining, keep in mind that it’s a friendly and expected part of the shopping experience in Vietnam. Approach it with a smile and a respectful attitude, and enjoy the interactive nature of negotiating prices. Remember that both parties should feel satisfied with the outcome.

From vibrant silk scarves and lacquerware to traditional ao dai garments and flavorful coffee, Vietnam offers a wide range of unique and authentic products. So, put your bargaining skills to the test, explore the bustling markets, and bring home a piece of Vietnam to cherish as a memento of your journey.

Survival Vietnamese: Emergency Situations

While it’s important to stay positive and enjoy your travel, being ready for unexpected situations in Vietnam is also crucial. Knowing key phrases for emergencies can give you peace of mind and help you seek assistance when needed. Here are some important phrases to remember:

1. I need help – “Tôi cần sự giúp đỡ”: Use this phrase to let others know you need help in any emergency. Whether it’s a medical issue or an urgent situation, locals will understand and assist you.

2. Call the police – “Gọi cảnh sát”: If you need the police, use this phrase to alert others or ask someone to contact them for you.

3. Where is the nearest hospital? – “Bệnh viện gần nhất ở đâu?”: If you have a medical emergency or need medical assistance, use this phrase to ask for the location of a medical facility nearby.

4. I’ve lost my luggage – “Tôi bị mất hành lý”: If you have any issues with lost or misplaced luggage, use this phrase to communicate the situation to authorities or staff.

During emergencies, stay calm and seek help from local authorities or people around you. Vietnamese people are generally helpful and will assist you during difficult situations. If you have a mobile phone, keep emergency numbers saved or easily accessible. Consider getting travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and provides support for unforeseen circumstances.

Congratulations! You now have essential Survival Vietnamese phrases for your travel in Vietnam. By learning these phrases, you show respect for the culture and connect with the locals. To enhance your Vietnamese language skills further, consider enrolling in Vietnamese language courses at Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS). They offer personalized programs and a welcoming community to help you achieve your language goals. Visit or call (+84) 909 581 787 to learn more. Safe travels and enjoy your journey in Vietnam!


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