Vietnamese Culture: Chợ Nổi Cái Răng | Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang floating market is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Can Tho City. This floating market, although not the largest of all, is it having more commercial activity, thus providing the opportunity to see the hustle and bustle and business of hundreds of small boats, boats, boats and even canoes filled chock-full of fruits, vegetables, rice (excellent in this area of the Mekong rice), all kinds of food and groceries clothing and even makeup.

The market is about six kilometres from Can Tho, or about a 30-minute boat ride. While floating down the river, you will glimpse life along its shores. You’ll pass vibrantly painted boats anchored along the shore, merchant vessels carrying loads down the river and houses built on stilts over the water.

Each boat sells one kind of goods, which are piled up as small mountains. Tourists sometimes don’t need to buy but only watch the mountains of mangos, oranges, rambutans, and dragon fruits to feed their eyes.

It is more interesting to see the way traders deliver their goods from this boat to another boat, by throwing. Since this is a wholesale market,  the retail prices are not much cheaper than urban markets but in return you can comfortably choose fresh fruit.

In Cai Rang floating market, you also have the opportunity to feel the rustic life of the southwestern region while enjoying food and drink in the small boats around the market.


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