Vietnamese Cuisine: Cá lóc nướng trui

This is a typical rustic dish from the plains areas of southern Vietnam. Farmers originally cooked it after working all day in the field. While men dug canals and bailed out water, women picked greens and made sauces. Fish caught from canals of the rice fields are cleaned and dried under the sun, and then they are enjoyed for lunch or dinner in the middle of the breezy rice field. This is a dish that connects closely with one’s childhood. 

In Mekong Delta, people often eat snaked head fish with tamarind sauce, wrapped in rice paper and herb types. The grilled snaked head fish has delicious taste and simplicity to cook.

Andrew – a fellow student at VLS had the chance to visit Bến Tre, which is one of the province in Mekong Delta and cook cá lóc nướng trui with the local. Please see more details in the video below.


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