Từ đồng âm khác nghĩa | Homonym: CỖ

1. Tối nay ông đi ăn CỖ, không ăn cơm nhà nha.

I am going to attend a banquet so I will not have the dinner at home with you guys.

“Cỗ” is referred to a banquet or an elaborate & formal meal for many people in some special events, for example: wedding party (cỗ cưới), death anniversary (giỗ), Mid-autumn festival, Tết holiday, traditional festivals.

2. Công ty anh mới nhập CỖ máy này từ bên Nhật về.

Our company has just imported a big machine from Japan.

“Cỗ” is referred to a unit or a set made from many parts.


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