High-Quality Oral Proficiency Interview Preparation Program

What is the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) Preparation Program?

According to ACTFL, The OPI is proficiency-based. It assesses the ability to use language effectively and appropriately in real-life situations. It assesses spontaneous unrehearsed language.

Besides, the OPIc is an internet-delivered test that provides valid and reliable oral proficiency testing on a large scale. This format allows the test to be taken on demand, and at a time convenient to the candidate and proctor.

The OPI/OPIc Preparation Program is a test preparation course that helps you build confidence and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to face the actual OPI examination confidently. Depending on your targeted proficiency level, the preparation courses may vary in duration.

Why OPI/OPIc? 

Official ACTFL OPI ratings serve various purposes across academic, commercial, and government sectors. In academia, these proficiency ratings are applicable for tasks such as admissions, placement in language programs, general assessments, and meeting exit/graduation requirements. In business and government, OPI ratings play a role in certification, hiring, and advancement in roles that require multilingual abilities.

The OPIc, designed with the same overarching goal as the OPI, offers a practical means of assessing spoken proficiency across the entire spectrum of the ACTFL scale. This ranges from Novice, indicating basic language skills, to Superior, reflecting advanced proficiency. The efficiency of the OPIc is noteworthy, typically requiring between 20 to 40 minutes to complete. This streamlined assessment process makes it a valuable tool for efficiently evaluating and comparing language proficiency in various contexts.

Why choose VLS’s Oral Proficiency Interview Preparation Program?  

Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) is the premier institution in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, offering Vietnamese language and culture courses for international students worldwide. 

Explore the advantages waiting for you in VLS’s OPI/OPIc Preparation Program:

  • We have 30 years of experience providing Vietnamese language and culture education for over 13,000 international students and 600 businesses and organizations including Samsung, LG, Shinhan Bank, Woowa Brothers, CJ Group, SK Group, Lotte, etc. 
  • Our experienced instructors participated in the 2020-2021 Oral Proficiency Guidelines Project organized by the Southeast Asian Language Council to define assessment benchmarks for Vietnamese OPI and OPIc. Our teachers can speak various languages such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, but our teaching method prioritizes the use of Vietnamese to teach Vietnamese. We limit the use of medium languages in the classroom to ensure that learners progress to the maximum extent possible.
  • Our course materials, created based on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, cover a wide variety of concrete and abstract subjects.
  • Personalized OPI/OPIc programs accurately reflect your proficiency levels and need to help you further improve all aspects of your Vietnamese oral communication skills.

The instructor will work cohesively with you to holistically determine patterns of language strengths and weaknesses to develop a personalized, compact lesson plan that systematically walks you through multiple topic-based lesson units, interactive practices, supplemental materials, full-length mock interviews, and progress assessments to improve and refine your speaking skills. 

Through carefully structured and monitored lessons, you will learn how to effectively and spontaneously navigate, respond to, and excel in linguistically unfamiliar situations posed during the test.

a foreigner wearing orange T-shirt is learning survival Vietnamese

What to expect? 

  • Pre-Program Assessment: Our academic department will identify your key areas of strengths and weaknesses to personalize your lessons accordingly, accurately targeting all assessment factors of the test—function, accuracy, content and context, and text type.
  • 20 Progressive Skill-Building Lesson Topics: In each lesson, the instructor will provide a series of questions that comprise a wide range of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures to facilitate spontaneous language comprehension and production.
  • Full-length Mock Interviews: Frequent rehearsal will train you to strategically formulate well-elaborated responses and familiarize you with all four stages of the interview—introduction, warm-up, interview and cool down.
  • Periodic Progress Evaluation: Through multiple practices, the instructor will closely examine how your speech is elicited and provide diagnostic feedback. Sequentially, the instructor will make any necessary and immediate adjustments to ensure a comprehensive improvement of your speaking skills.
  • Post-Program Assessment: Mirroring the actual OPI/OPIc, a practice OPI/OPIc will prepare you to fuel your concentration and utilize your personal experience as well as everything that you have learned throughout the program to complete the official test.

Good Results From VLS Students After Oral Proficiency Interview Preparation Program

Anh Lee Han Gil, whose Vietnamese name is Tuấn, works at LG and spent some time learning Vietnamese in Vietnam as required by the company. He dedicated over a year to studying Vietnamese with VLS, actively participating in VLS’s events and bonding activities outside of class hours. Mr. Lee Han Gil has excellently completed the OPI Preparation Program and achieved an Advanced Low proficiency level certified by ACTFL.

Anh Sim Seung Bae, studied nearly 300 hours of Vietnamese with Ms. Trinh at VLS and excelled, achieving the Advanced Mid proficiency level, along with many other students.

Oral Proficiency Interview Preparation Program
Oral Proficiency Interview Preparation Program

Contact VLS: 

Hotline (WhatsApp/Viber/Zalo): (+84) 909 581 787 

Kakao Talk: (+84) 909 581 787 or ID: vlstudies_1994

Email: contact@vlstudies.com 

Please feel free to contact us to get more information about OPI/OPIc Preparation Program and other Vietnamese language courses. 


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