Vietnamese Vocabs via Short Videos

We are going to upload tons of short video clips in our social media channels, including our brand-new TikTok channel. So, don’t forget to follow us on TikTok at vlstudies and learn Vietnamese with VLS.

Trong thời gian tới, VLS sẽ có rất nhiều video ngắn dạy tiếng Việt trên các kênh truyền thông, đặc biệt là kênh Tiktok mới này, mọi người đừng quên theo dõi VLS nhé!

VLS’ Social Media Channels:







What is mother-on-law in Vietnamese?
What is fruit juice in Vietnamese?
What is soccer/football in Vietnamese?
What is father in law in Vietnamese?
Math Simple Signs in Vietnamese.
Punctuation Marks in Vietnamese


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But the “financial advisor” in us always tells us no because if we celebrate every time we get positive feedback, we would be broke by now.

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Learn Vietnamese via Podcast

he author uses the familiar images such as mother’s voice, rice fields, bamboo and buffalo to describe a peaceful and rustic Vietnam which is the element creating and nurturing our language – Vietnamese language.

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