How to Greet after Tet in Vietnamese Language

People are back to work or to school from their Vietnamese new year vacation, Tết. So how people would typically greet each other with new year wishes or ask each other about their holiday.

Here are a few questions and responses that you would typically hear in post-Tết-holiday conversations.

Chào hỏi nhau như thế nào cho đúng chuẩn Việt Nam khi gặp lại bạn bè, đồng nghiệp sau kỳ nghỉ tết dài? Chắc chắn sẽ là những câu chào hỏi và lời chúc đậm chất Tết.

Cùng theo dõi video và học một số câu chào hỏi rất thông dụng mà người Việt thường dùng sau tết nhé!


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But the “financial advisor” in us always tells us no because if we celebrate every time we get positive feedback, we would be broke by now.

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he author uses the familiar images such as mother’s voice, rice fields, bamboo and buffalo to describe a peaceful and rustic Vietnam which is the element creating and nurturing our language – Vietnamese language.

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