Top 5 Reasons To Learn Vietnamese 

A traveler first comes to Vietnam and eagers to learn Vietnamese at Vietnamese Language Studies

Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) has nearly 30 years of experience in expressing the beauty of Vietnamese to more than 12,000 students in the world. If you’ve ever pondered the idea of learning Vietnamese, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the top five reasons why embarking on this linguistic journey will not only broaden your horizons but also unlock a treasure trove of experiences, opportunities, and connections. For each reason, we also recommend a suitable course for your needs, let’s find out! 

About the Vietnamese language studies

The Vietnamese language is the official and national language used by 85% of the population living in Vietnam and 4 million overseas Vietnamese. Initially, the Vietnamese language employed the Chữ Nôm writing system using Chinese letters (Chữ Hán) in conjunction with their own lexicon throughout the feudal regime. Until Roman Catholic missionaries introduced a Latin-based alphabet during French colonialism, this method was widely utilized. Chữ Quốc Ngữ (Vietnamese language), which was established from this alphabet system, was gradually adopted and expanded in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam government and ultimately became the mother language of practically all Vietnamese today. 

The Vietnamese language has three widely spoken mutually intelligible dialects. This encompasses the Northern, Central, and Southern regions. In some cases, the regional people find it hard to engage in conversation with others who live in different areas of this country due to their accents, words, and tones. 

Top 5 Reasons to learn Vietnamese 

Having authentic travel experiences

Some foreigners come to Vietnam because of one and only reason: Traveling. Vietnam is famous for many masterpiece landscapes and historical tourist attractions stretching from the North to the South. This tropical country brings you the best and most unique travel experiences found nowhere else on this planet that suit and beyond your expectations thanks to its diverse terrain, climate, culture, customs, and people.

Besides, Vietnam is one of the lowest and most affordable Southeast Asian tourism destinations. You will have a pleasant and delightful experience in this gorgeous country even if you have a restricted budget. Especially, the statistics show that Vietnam is one of the safest countries for travelers, solo women tourists in particular. Vietnam has a relatively low crime rate compared to many other countries. Violent crimes targeting tourists are rare, and visitors generally feel safe walking in cities, exploring rural areas, and using public transportation.

All of these things above can make your journey in Vietnam memorable. However, this country has a number of people who only speak Vietnamese. To travel like a local, even for a short time, knowing Vietnamese language studies can help you have conversations with the native, gain a deep understanding of their country and culture by listening to their stories, and explore some hidden gems that only locals know. 

VLS (Vietnamese Language Studies) offers the perfect classes for those who want to learn to speak Vietnamese with restricted hours before your trip. Our Survival Vietnamese course is specifically designed for travelers, providing you with essential language skills to communicate effectively during your stay. In this course, you will learn practical phrases for greetings, ordering food, asking for directions, bargaining at the market, and much more.

Living a comfortable life in Vietnam 

Apart from traveling, many foreigners choose to start their new life in another country, and Vietnam is on their list. Vietnam is located in a tropical area, which has mesmerizing natures of mountains, beaches, rivers, and caves. This country also has big modern cities, shopping malls, and 5-star hotels and resorts with affordable prices. 

Many expats agree that living in Vietnam is very comfortable since their disposable income is much higher compared to their daily expenses. Particularly, living in Hanoi, Da Nang or Saigon can meet all your life needs with a sufficient standard of living.

Otherwise, living in a whole new country that is different from the regime, culture, customs, and language can make you feel tough and lonely sometimes. Learning Vietnamese language helps you get through these challenges and become a part of this friendly community. 

Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) offers the Dynamic Vietnamese course for non-Vietnamese-speaking individuals and families living in Vietnam. With four levels ranging from beginner to advanced, this comprehensive program provides practical vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills. Throughout the course, our instructors create a dynamic and interactive learning environment, incorporating cultural insights and real-life scenarios to enhance your understanding of Vietnamese culture and customs. 

Working opportunities in the fast-growing economy 

As a foreigner, you can easily find a job in the Vietnam industries, especially in tourism, hospitality, language, or manufacturing. Many foreigners are working as English teachers at English language centers because of high recruitment demand, attractive salaries, and no pressure at work. 

This fast-growing economy also can bring more professional opportunities and potential promotions if you have excellent work experience, deep knowledge of corporate culture, and proficiency in Vietnamese language studies

Learning Vietnamese helps you create good networking with your local colleagues, and have a better view of domestic customers, thereby helping you not to get lost in the organization as well as adapt to work in another culture more quickly, expanding your promotion chances in Vietnam.

Understanding these needs, VLS has designed the Business Vietnamese course, focusing on conversations among colleagues, corporate culture, and specialized vocabulary, alongside building a Vietnamese language foundation similar to the Dynamic Vietnamese course.

Unlock the treasure of history and arts 

Vietnam has a rich and diverse culture with a long and complex history of more than 4000 years. Unfortunately, all the documents that are preserved to this day are written in Vietnamese. By learning Vietnamese, you can gain a deeper understanding of this culture and explore its literature, music, and arts.

For example, since when did the Hue royal court music (nhã nhạc cung đình) be found? Why only for royal families? And what kind of instruments are they combined from and what is the meaning of its lyrics?

All of these questions will be answered thoroughly when you learn Culture & Mentality Course at VLS! Consisting of 6 hours of in-class lectures and 4 hours of field trips, the Vietnamese Culture and Mentality course focuses on the structural elements of Vietnamese culture. Carefully articulated lesson plans will show you how Vietnamese culture is developed and expressed through history, traditions, religions, family structure, social values, arts, literature, etc. You will be equipped with adept Vietnamese cultural knowledge and experience, adding to your cultural intelligence which is relevant for embracing and prospering in a new and dynamic culture.

Become a language expert 

Vietnamese is not difficult at all if you spend time learning it seriously and enjoy every moment of learning. Although there are many more popular languages ​​such as Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, Vietnamese will bring you a unique and unparalleled experience. Approaching any new language will benefit your brain and draw valuable lessons in your journey to conquer other languages. Becoming an expert in Vietnamese will open unexpected doors of opportunity, especially if you are a foreigner living in Vietnam. Become a real Vietnamese language expert when registering for our Vietnamese ACTFL OPI/OPIc Preparation Program! 

Above are the reasons why you should start your Vietnamese learning journey right away. And more importantly, let Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) assist you in unlocking the beauty of this language! We provide suitable courses for individual needs, including both Vietnamese online and in-person classes, with customized educational programs designed by our team of professional teachers. Contact VLS now to receive detailed consultation!


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