How Intercultural Competence Change Your Life?

Intercultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate, interact, and engage successfully with people from different cultures and backgrounds. It plays an important part in daily life and the workplace, especially in the state of increasing globalization; where we are more likely to interact with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Intercultural competence helps us to recognize and overcome such obstacles more easily and to tap into the benefits offered by diversity. However, intercultural competence also means entering something different and out of your own comfort zone. This could cause frustration and discomfort as well as affect your workload and productivity. This is a developmental process which takes time and effort to achieve.

However, there are great ways to improve your intercultural competence and learning a language is one of them. Learning a language is not always essential, but it has a real positive impact on your life of an ex-pat and help you to settle into your new work environment more quickly. It helps open doors for mutual appreciation, understanding, and respect. You will gain your ability to communicate in culturally appropriate ways while showing appreciation for and understanding of others and maintaining a spirit of openness and respect for others.

Additionally, as an ex-pat working and living in a different country, knowing the local language will be a huge advantage for better job opportunities. You can communicate with the local business team and partners, building the bridge between local business leaders, ex-pats, and the head office. From a professional standpoint, it does not only show respect for local culture but also increases your business success rate. Being able to communicate with the locals could also help reduce cultural shock outside of the workplace as well. So, stock up your toolkit with language and cultural knowledge and skills.

If you are living in Vietnam or considering Vietnam to be your next adventure, why not start learning Vietnamese today? As a tonal language, many people find Vietnamese to be quite challenging. Understanding this, we gear our Vietnamese lessons toward an interactive learning environment that facilitates maximum engagement. As a result, your Vietnamese language acquisition process will happen naturally and at a faster pace. Each lesson is also integrated with cultural information needed to bridge cultural gaps and enhance your cultural experience.


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