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The children parade lantern in the mid-autumn festival

The Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival is a cherished celebration with vibrant lanterns, delicious mooncakes, and enchanting legends. These stories pass on traditions, convey values, and ignite the imagination. In this blog post, we explore the tales of the Moon Fairy, Cuoi and the Moon, and the Magic Toad, as well as the treasured customs of the festival. Join us on this magical journey to discover Vietnam’s cultural essence through its legends and traditions.

Legend of the Moon Fairy

Vietnamese Mid-autumn I Moon Fairy

The Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival: The Legend of Chang E, the Moon Fairy

The Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival is graced by the beloved legend of the Moon Fairy, also known as “Chang E.” This captivating tale tells of a young woman who achieved immortality and now resides on the moon. During the festival, when the moon shines its brightest, it is believed that Chang E blesses onlookers with good fortune and happiness.

This enchanting legend holds a special place in the hearts of both young and old during the Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival. Children, in particular, are fascinated by the story and gaze at the moon in wonder, imagining Chang E’s presence. It sparks their imagination and fosters admiration for the moon’s beauty. The legend connects individuals to the mystical realm and the benevolent spirit of Chang E.

Beyond its mythical charm, the legend of the Moon Fairy symbolizes the Vietnamese desire for longevity, happiness, and prosperity deeply rooted in their culture. Families gather during the Mid-autumn Festival, offering prayers and well wishes while admiring the moon’s brilliance. Chang E’s legend adds magic and reverence to this cherished tradition, reminding us of the enduring power of dreams and the pursuit of a fulfilling life.

As we explore the legends and myths of the Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival, the tale of the Moon Fairy captivates us with its imagination, the allure of the moon, and the appreciation for the natural world. Let us embrace this captivating legend and draw inspiration from it as we celebrate the enchantment of the festival.

The Tale of Cuoi and the Moon

Unveiling the Enchanting Legend of Cuoi during the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival: A Tale of Nature, Unity, and Love

The Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival is adorned with the captivating myth of Cuoi, an ancient woodcutter whose story adds a touch of magic to the celebration. Cuoi, known for possessing a magical tree on the moon with extraordinary healing powers, weaves wonder into the festival’s fabric.

Cuoi’s tale holds profound lessons about nature’s importance and unity. The magical tree symbolizes the remarkable healing abilities found in the natural world, encouraging reverence and appreciation for the environment. Passed down through generations, Vietnamese families recount this story to nurture respect for nature and the responsibility to safeguard it.

Beyond nature, the legend emphasizes the significance of unity. When Cuoi’s wife accidentally released the magical tree, Cuoi was tragically separated from his family. This teaches us the value of cooperation and togetherness in leading a harmonious life. The festival itself serves as a platform to strengthen familial bonds and forge deep community connections, fostering support, and spreading love.

Cuoi’s inspiring story serves as a reminder to the Vietnamese people to cherish nature’s healing power and to value unity. It calls upon them to embrace the natural world’s gifts and to nurture meaningful relationships. As lanterns illuminate the festivities, Cuoi’s tale ignites awe and gratitude, celebrating the bonds that unite people and evoking appreciation for the wonders of nature.

Together, let us embrace the teachings of Cuoi—harmony, love, and appreciation for nature—as we joyfully celebrate the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Legend of the Magic Toad

In Vietnamese folklore, the Mid-autumn Festival is tied to the legend of a wise toad named “Kim Quy.” Kim Quy possessed a precious stone that controlled the tides and weather. During the festival, people made offerings to the toad, seeking favorable weather for harvests and prosperous lives.

The legend of the Magic Toad shows the deep bond between the Vietnamese and nature. It reflects their respect for nature’s gifts and its importance in their lives. By offering to Kim Quy, they express gratitude and hope for favorable weather, which is crucial for their agriculture.

This legend represents the agricultural significance of the Mid-autumn Festival and the Vietnamese people’s spiritual beliefs. It shows their understanding of the delicate balance between humans and the environment and their desire for harmony.

As we celebrate the festival, the Magic Toad legend reminds us to nurture our relationship with nature. It teaches us to appreciate the interconnectedness of all living beings and the impact of our actions. Let us honor the legend of the Magic Toad with reverence and gratitude, seeking blessings for a harmonious existence.

By embracing the story of Kim Quy and the Magic Toad, the Vietnamese celebrate their connection to nature and reinforce values of gratitude, respect, and harmony with the environment.

Mid-autumn Festival Traditions

The Vietnamese Mid-autumn Festival is filled with captivating legends and cherished traditions passed down through generations.

Colorful lanterns are a prominent feature of the festival, symbolizing brightness, joy, and hope. Children carry lanterns shaped like animals or mythical creatures, lighting up the night sky in vibrant parades.

Mooncakes, round pastries filled with various flavors, are enjoyed with family and friends. Sharing mooncakes represents unity and harmony while exchanging them conveys blessings and well-wishes.

Families gather for storytelling sessions, where elders pass down festival legends and myths. These sessions preserve cultural heritage and ensure the stories continue to be shared.

The festival also includes outdoor activities like lion dances, drum performances, and traditional games. Communities come together for lively celebrations, fostering a sense of togetherness and joy.

These traditions enhance the enchantment of the Mid-autumn Festival and reinforce unity, togetherness, and cultural preservation values. Lantern parades, mooncake sharing, storytelling, and festivities strengthen community bonds and celebrate cultural pride.

As we celebrate the festival, let’s embrace these traditions, immerse ourselves in the joyous atmosphere, and create lasting memories with loved ones. Through lanterns, mooncakes, storytelling, and vibrant celebrations, we honor the essence of the festival and its values.

Join us at Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) as we celebrate the enchanting Mid-autumn Festival. Immerse yourself in the legends, traditions, and unity that make this celebration magical. Discover the captivating tales of the Moon Fairy, Cuoi and the Moon, and the Magic Toad, while experiencing the joy of lanterns, mooncakes, and festive activities. Embrace the beauty of nature, cherish togetherness, and pass on wisdom to future generations. 

Let VLS be your guide in exploring the richness of Vietnamese culture. Enroll in our Vietnamese language and culture courses to deepen your understanding and appreciation. Contact us at and embark on a journey of language acquisition, cultural immersion, and unforgettable experiences. Experience the magic of the Mid-autumn Festival with VLS and connect with the essence of Vietnam’s traditions and heritage.


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