Content-based Vietnamese Lesson

The content-based Vietnamese lesson at VLS

Structured around a selected topic—for example, current news, social norms, politics, environment, science, debatable issues—each lesson incorporates intricately related words, grammar structures and activities that boost language comprehension and memory.

Vietnamese is taught within the context of the content, enabling you to use the language as the medium to gather and process information. Subsequently, a series of class activities involving integrated language skills will be carried out to effectively promote spontaneity and fluency in language production.

What are our topics for Vietnamese content-based lesson?

The Fire Movement

The Celebrity Worshipping Phenomenon

How To Retire Early

Stories of Life in Saigon Alleys

Is 24 Hours in a Day Really Enough?

What If We All Spoke The Same Language?

What Is the “Craziest” Thing That You Have Done?

What Would You Do If You Were The Prime Minister?

Should You Choose Between Enjoying Life Now or Saving Now and Enjoying Life Later?

Life Without Smartphones

The Celebrity Worshipping Phenomenon

Advantages and Disadvantages of Starting Your Business in Vietnam

How to Start a Speech and Immediately Grab Your Audience’s Attention?

Pairs of Opposite and Similar Vietnamese Proverbs and Sayings

“Lying Flat Movement.” Why and Why Not?

What are the personality and behavioral differences between Hà Nôi people and Sài Gòn people?

What are the pros and cons of living away from home?

Does age matter in a relationship?

How do you define success? Why?

What do our students say about the content-based Vietnamese lesson?

Whenever we get feedback from our students or clients, everyone’s computer notification sound goes off in our office. Whenever we receive positive feedback, we feel the urge to go out for dinner to celebrate because we know that we’ve made our students’ Vietnamese learning journeys a bit more fun and meaningful. But the “financial advisor” in us always tells us no because if we celebrate every time we get positive feedback, we would be broke by now.

So instead, we will celebrate by sharing these lovely reviews about our content-based lessons from David and Harris with you. We hope what they share with us in this video will inspire you to take on new challenges, always have fun while learning Vietnamese and try our new Content-Based Vietnamese lessons.


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Learn Vietnamese via Podcast

he author uses the familiar images such as mother’s voice, rice fields, bamboo and buffalo to describe a peaceful and rustic Vietnam which is the element creating and nurturing our language – Vietnamese language.

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