5 Secrets of Mastering Vietnamese

5 Secrets of mastering Vietnamese language.

Take risks and speak to native speakers

Get out there and start a conversation with the locals whenever possible. Pay attention to how they pronounce words and use them in different contexts. Learn their body language. Ask them questions. Tell them about yourself. Be willing to make mistakes and accept feedback. It is easier said than done. But, no one is in charge of your own learning progress other than yourself. Read on and see what you can do to prepare yourself for real-life conversations. 

Consume local media

Not only does the media provide us with great topics for conversations, it also allows us to explore a unique aspect of the local culture and learn the language. Sing along when you hear a Vietnamese song played in a coffee shop, read the front page of a local newspaper, listen to podcasts while cooking or have a movie night dedicated to Vietnamese movies only. Relax, have fun and learn. 

Read books

Start off with children’s books or short stories and work your way up to something more advanced and of your interest. Keep your writing materials handy at all times to mark up the text, write down definitions of new words, and jot down brief summaries, reflections and analysis. 

Think in the targeted language

One great habit that many successful language learners find extremely effective is to think in the target language. That trains your brain to spontaneously express your thoughts and ideas in your own head where you don’t feel the pressure of having to communicate with others. Doing this allows you to correct your own mistakes, work on your fluency and prepare you for real conversations. 

Take quality lessons

While self-study allows you to be in charge of your own learning progress, classes provide a wide range of strategically structured lessons that maximize your learning outcomes. Aside from having the opportunities to practice Vietnamese with a local person and other classmates, studying with an instructor also enables you to understand how the language is used in different social and cultural contexts and learn things that are not readily available in textbooks or the internet. 

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. CONTACT VLS TODAY to find the most suitable Vietnamese language course for you and your loved ones.

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