4 Reasons Travelers Should Learn Vietnamese

The need for conversing in a foreign language usually climaxes when travelers immerse themselves in a new country. With its sunny tropical beaches like Da Nang and Phu Quoc, and its mesmerizing Son Doong limestone caves, Vietnam has long been a top tourist destination. 

Captivating and well loved as the sceneries are, when it comes to the local language, Vietnamese language has its less glamouring share. Travelers, myself included, from time to time can evade the call to learn the local language under the pretexts of casual or laid-back traveling mindset, unpopularity of the language or plainly the difficulty of the course to be taken on learning a language. 

But, there are times when greeting phrases aren’t enough.  There are times when saying “hi, my name is” or even “thank you” makes no sense when you are lost or when your motorbike breaks down on a rural country road. For most travelers to Vietnam, these things are quite common.  To quote an American expat: “life is just easier when you do [speak Vietnamese].”

Vietnamese for tourists is a special area of Vietnamese we specialize in here at Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS). These Vietnamese crash courses are designed to equip beginners with everything they need to not only survive but also turn their stay in Vietnamese into a much more meaningful and unique experience. And here are a few reasons why:

  • Connect with the local people and make new friends 

Vietnamese are known to be generous and welcoming, so they will still treat you very well even if you don’t speak a single Vietnamese word. However, being able to speak Vietnamese really shows your genuine interest in getting to know Vietnam and Vietnamese people. You will then be able to talk with the local Vietnamese people, understand them, connect with them on a deeper level, and create long-lasting relationships. How wonderful it would be to have friends in a foreign country. 

  • Explore local hidden spots 

Googling tourist attractions can certainly provide you with a list of great places to visit. But speaking Vietnamese can broaden your ground. Hidden attractions, old family-owned restaurants and many other exciting places can easily be found if you speak Vietnamese because knowing the local language not only helps with information search but also expands your comfort zone, enabling you to go from a tourist to an explorer. 

  • Understand culture

Language reflects perceptions, values, lifestyles and much more. No amount of reading and watching informational videos can exceed physically being in a country, interacting with and getting to know the people, and immersing in the local culture. Plus, being knowledgeable of the culture will save you from unwanted cultural faux pas.

  • Be a better traveler

Learning the local language, Vietnamese in this case, is important for travers  who are conscious about showing appreciation for the beauty and value of the country. Language is an integral part of a country’s identity. To make a positive impression on the locals whose places you can stay at, whose stories you want to hear, sceneries you want to explore and much more, tourists can better connect with the locals through language.

Whether you’re researching your 1st backpacking trip to Vietnam or a seasoned visitor,  equip yourself with not only the knowledge about the country but also fill your toolbox with a few language skills. Language will open up the door to unexpected yet rewarding experiences and opportunities, be it a new friendship, a new place or a new perspective. 


Hãy đến với Vietnamese Language Studies ngay hôm nay để không chỉ học tiếng Việt mà còn cả văn hóa, truyền thống, ẩm thực, con người và rất nhiều điều thú vị khác của Việt Nam. Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) là một trong những trung tâm hàng đầu tại Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh (Sài Gòn) trong lĩnh vực giảng dạy tiếng Việt và văn hoá Việt cho người nước ngoài và Việt Kiều.

Join Vietnamese Language Studies (VLS) today to not only learn Vietnamese language but also Vietnamese culture, traditions, history, cuisine, people and many other interesting aspects of Vietnamese. As a leading Vietnamese language center in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), we offer a wide selection of personalized online and in-person Vietnamese language lessons ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Contact us today to not only learn more about our Vietnamese programs but also join our community of expatriates, businesses, organizations, international students, travelers, overseas Vietnamese and local Vietnamese.



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