The 2022 Mid-Autumn Charity Trip

2022 Mid-autumn festival charity trip

Committed to promoting positive changes and community involvement, our VLS Team has been hosting many charity programs to bring our VLS students, corporate partners and community members together for good causes in the past 14 years. This journey of giving and sharing has been nothing short of amazing because it has brought us to new lands, connected us with new people and given us the opportunity to learn that it is in giving that we receive.

The 2022 Mid-autumn charity trip will be on September 10-11, 2022. On this annual charity trip, we will go to Hamlet 2, Mã Đà, Vĩnh Cửu, Đồng Nai to help and support the locals here on the forest road maintenance project and organize a mid-autumn festival for children.

Donation for the 2022 Mid-Autumn Charity Trip

We couldn’t be more grateful for the help and support that we’ve received every single day since we launched our series of 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival charity activities in August 2022. It’s an honor and a privilege to announce that we’ve raised 145,800,000 VND to fund our 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Trip as of September 08, 2022. We’re also in the process of working with other sponsors.

A big thanks to the following kind-hearted donors:

Organizations: Vietnamese Language Studies, Refico, PCGoft, Lành Farm, Công Ty Cp Trang Thiết Bị Y Tế Trọng Tín, Facilitated Work Hub Vietnam, Biti’s

Individuals: Conrad Gaira, David Vu, Dương Thị Ngọc Trinh, DYLAN JENKINS, HIMORO KAZUKI, JHJAA-, Nguyễn Nam Thuận, Lâm Vĩnh Phương, Lê Anh Tú, Lê Thị Khánh Hòa, Lê Thị Thanh Thảo, Lee Adams, Lữ Thúy Hằng, Mai Thị Thanh Thùy, Michael Peter Wekezer, Ngo Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyễn Cao Hồng Duyên, Nguyễn Duy Mai Anh, Nguyễn Thị Hồng Mai, Peggy Lam, Phan Trần Cát Lai, SAMESHIMA MIWAKO, SARA CHADI REFAI, Sidi Benlarbi, Stephen Turban, Thái Công Tín, Thomas Sweeney, Trần Bích Trâm, Trần Mai Chi, Trần Thị Thu Thùy, Trần Văn Đạt, Trần Văn Nhiên

And many other ANONYMOUS donors.

The road maintenance project and mid-autumn festival for Hamlet 2

We are very thrilled and honored to announce that our 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Trip was a big success.

Last weekend, September 10-11, 2022, was one of the most exciting weekends of the year for our team. The long bus rides and he scorching heat did not wear us down but made the flame of passion and compassion in each of us burn even stronger.

Only with the help from kind-hearted sponsors, donors and volunteers Vietnamese Languages Studies have been to many new places, met many new peoples and helped many families in the past 14 years. And this year is not an exception. We are thankful and grateful for the help and support from our donors, volunteers and guests. With their generous donations and help, we were able to carry out multiple activities including:

– Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with the local children in hamlet 2, Mã Đà commune, Vĩnh Cửu district, Đồng Nai province.

– Donating 49,000,000 VND toward and participating in maintaining the only forest road that leads to hamlet 2.

– Donating 30,000,000 VND toward maintaining a forest road that leads to hamlet 3

– Donating 19,330,000 VND toward and participating in setting up a system of 12 solar-powered street lights for hamlet 2.

– Awarding 31,000,000 VND worth of scholarships to 31 middle-school students in hamlet 3 to use toward paying for their school bus tickets.

– Giving 23,476,000 VND worth of Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to the local children and families in hamlet 2. Each gift package includes mooncakes, lanterns, Biti’s footwear products, sugarcane sugar and cooking oil.

– Giving 12,842,000 VND worth of Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to the local children and Mã Đà kindergarten students in hamlet 3.

Without the help from these individuals and organizations, our charity trip would not be possible. We hope that our efforts could help make the Mid-autumn season a bit more meaningful and joyful for the children in hamlet 2 and hamlet 3, and help create a safer living environment for the local community.

Once again, thank you for your trust, help and support. And now, let’s take a minute to look back at all the heartwarming moments from our trip.


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