Field trip: VLS Amazing bamboo race 12th August

Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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Not only can VLS help students quickly learn Vietnamese but we also to create an environment for them to “live in Vietnamese".

Unlike other previous field trips, this was our first field trip that emphasized traditional activities about bamboo. Before the field trip start, each participant received a piece of paper with their names and a Vietnamese word which had one letter missing. Participants had to figure out what was that missing letter, then find their teammates who also had that same missing letter.

After having formed 3 teams Sung sướng, lẩu and Việt Nam vui vẻ.,we got on the bus and started the race!

Our first station was Hội Khánh temple, a historic Buddhist temple built in 1741 which has the largest nirvana Buddha lying on the roof in Asia. Though the temple has been refurbished and expanded many times,  it has retained its old-fashioned architecture. Hội Khánh temple has long been a centre of Buddhist scholarship in the region. Many of the monks trained at the temple have gone on to open and preside over other temples in the area.

After doing a small scavenger hunt, each team member was also challenged to listen to and repeat the exact Buddhist prayer phrase “Nam Mô A Di Đà Phật”. After completing the challenged, we enjoyed the quiet and fresh atmosphere for a moment.

The second station was Phú An bamboo village. Here we competed in the game “So you think you can catch?” Each team had 10 minutes to catch as many fish as they could. Team Sung sướng was the winner of this game with 2 fish.

With the newly-caught fish, we headed to lunch. Students made and ate bánh xèo măng which is like a Vietnamese rice crepe filled with seafood. After finishing lunch, we began the main “bamboo race”.


With a lot of fun and enthusiasm, we explored the age when Vietnamese had nothing but bamboo to do complete numerous tasks such as walking with bamboo (cà kheo) to bamboo dancing to crossing a stream with a bamboo bridge (cầu khỉ).

The winner of this game had to be flexible and smart to pass all the challenge to find the hidden treasure in the shortest time. The winner was team Việt Nam vui vẻ!

The field trip ended with a VLS version of “VLS’ Got Talent.” We listened to a fun array of singing, dancing, and acting all in Vietnamese.

We would like to give our deepest thanks to all of the participants for joining us on this field trip. We’re excited to see you on our next field trip! 

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