Celebrating VLS' s 20 years of Vietnamese language instruction and cultural competence guidance (1994 - 2014)

Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dear valued customers,

For 20 years, VLS has focused on making learning Vietnamese an enjoyable, beneficial and meaningful part of life for our students. We emphasize the experience of living in Vietnamese. When you come to class at VLS, you increase your level of participation in the Vietnamese language, culture, and community. This leads directly towards your greater professional success and personal enjoyment of living in Vietnam.

On our 20th anniversary, we are inspired to continue providing you with the experience of living, not just learning, in VLS’ Dynamic Participant Program. Our program and instruction are carefully designed to ensure your comprehensive growth and return on investment. VLS’ instruction methods emphasize personalized learning. We make sure what you learn is truly relevant to your life, studies, and business in Vietnam.


When You join our Dynamic Participant Program, You will:

  • Develop your Vietnamese language skills through active participation in the Vietnamese language and society around you.
  • Become an active and knowledgeable member of Vietnam's culture and community.

It is our passion to ensure that you achieve greater levels of fluency in Vietnamese, deeper insights into Vietnam, and stronger connections with the local community,thus making your time in Vietnam personally rewarding and professionally productive.

Thank you for your trust and continued business with VLS

Best regards,

Võ Thị Thanh Bình


For more information about Dynamic Participant Program, please click here

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Please look for HTV Building on the map (will be easier).

Our campus is located OPPOSITE HTV BUILDING.

Go into DMA (Agriculture Management Training Institute) Campus Gate, the building on  your right and to the 4th floor.  

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Vui lòng tìm tòa nhà HTV trên bản đồ (sẽ dễ tìm hơn).

Trường chúng tôi ĐỐI DIỆN TÒA NHÀ HTV

Vào cổng Trường Cán bộ Nông nghiệp, VLS ở lầu 4 toà nhà bên tay phải.

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