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Vui Xuân 2015 - Quiz for Tết 2015

Tết of goat is approaching. Join us with many Vietnamese language immersion activities to understand more about Vietnamese Tết's customs. You will get Tết lucky gift from VLS after completing each activity and submitting your papers.

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Closing Ceremony - Teaching Training Program

On January 6th 2015, VLS organised a closing ceremony for students who have participated in the 16th Teacher Training Program of Teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language. The program started on November 2014, aimed at advancing perception of Vietnamaese language and delivering standard knowledge ...

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Meeting and Sharing with Professor. Ngô Như Bình at VLS

On Dec 29th, 2014, VLS teaching team had a great pleasure to join the meeting that discussed about teaching Vietnamese to students of other languages with Professor Ngô Như Bình, who is currently the Director of Vietnamese Language Program at Harvard University, United States. Prof. Binh has ...

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Vietnamese Teacher's Day with VLS

20-11 every year is celebrated as an educational festival and also a "tôn sư trọng đạo" occasion for honoring Vietnamese teachers. Each job in the society has it special day as a traditional day . But Vietnamese teacher's day is quite different because it has its international ...

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Vietnamese Language Studies celebrates 20th Anniversary

We are extremely pleased to announce that Vietnamese Language Studies has crossed another milestone in the history of our institution. On the 20th of this November, we shall celebrate 20 years of its establishment and dedication. We take this occasion to thank each of you for being such an ...

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