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VLS fieldtrip to Đồng Nai - Live in Tết with VLS

A successful field trip to Đồng Nai took place on Jan 23rd, 2016. Joining Vietnamese Language Studies on that day were more than 34 students, teachers and staff, who are learning Vietnamese at VLS and wanted to learn more about the lifestyle of local Vietnamese people during Tết Occasion.  ...

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VLS fieldtrip to Đồng Nai

As part of the Vietnamese language learning process, VLS always encourages you to explore and experience the culture to the fullest. As we are about to reach the end of 2015 (the year o the goat) and to welcome the year of the monkey - Tết 2016, VLS is organizing a field trip to Đồng Nai to ...

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VLS's charity fieldtrip to Đồng Kèn Elementary School.

It was a hot Sunday morning, 40 people, including staff, students and teachers and friends gathered at Vietnamese Language Studies office and prepared for the big day ahead. It has been nearly a month since we started our charity program to Đồng Kèn Elementary, to help these underprivileged ...

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VLS Lantern making sessions

It has become a VLS’s tradition that every Mid-Autumn period, we organize several lantern making sessions for VLS students, teachers and visitors to come and experience the uniqueness and the beauty this Full Moon festival. This year, on September 5th, 2015, VLS organized a second lantern making ...

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One day with VLS on fieldtrip to Mỹ Tho - Bến Tre

A very successful fieldtrip to Mỹ Tho – Bến Tre took place on July 18th, 2015. Joining Vietnamese Language Studies on that day were more than 15 Vietnamese participants who are learning Vietnamese at VLS and wanted to know more about Western Vietnam life and culture. On this fieldtrip, we had ...

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Fieldtrip to Mỹ Tho - Bến Tre

While studying Vietnamese, VLS always encourages our students to discover and experience the culture of different regions in Vietnam. This summer, VLS is organising a fieldtrip to MỹTho – BếnTre to experience the lifestyle of Western Vietnamese people. Being blessed by mother nature with ...

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VLS - One day with VLS at Can Gio mangrove forest

At VLS, we always encourage our students to discover and learn more by “ Live in Vietnamese”. Therefore, we organize field trips as an additional value for our students while studying and give them an opportunity to travel and know more about local people and activities. Last week on April ...

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VLS - Fieldtrip to Can Gio Mangrove Forest

As part of the Vietnamese language learning process, VLS always encourages you to explore and experience the cultureto the fullest when living in Vietnamese.  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Liberation Day (01/05/2015), VLS is organizing a fieldtrip to Can Gio. You will be able to take a ...

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Miss VLS 2015 Winner Announcement

After 10 days of organizing and competing in Miss VLS Contest, VLS has received 15 pictures from students and teachers who are studying and working at VLS. After carefully scanning through thesubmissions, we have selected the 2 winners based on our latest record on 12p.m, 8th March 2015.

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