Vietnamese culture: Wedding custom and ceremony in Vietnamese tradition (Part 2)

Posted: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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The wedding ceremony is to be the last major event in traditional Vietnamese wedding custom. The wedding procession (đám cưới) would start from the fiance’s house. It is customarily led by a man, respected by the community for his age and his large family, holding in front of him a bunch of burning incense sticks, followed by gift bearers, relatives, and friends.

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After offering incense sticks to his wife‘s ancestors and saying goodbye to the bridal family, the fiancé is allowed to take the bride back to his home to continue Lễ thành hôn (the official wedding ceremony).

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The Wedding party( an indispensable aspect of  Vietnamese tradition), takes place as soon as Lễ thành hôn finishes and the couple officially becomes husband and wife. With country folks, it is also a good chance to enhance communal solidarity. Nowadays, wedding parties are usually held in big restaurants with available services, which is very convenient for friends to join. In this party, people will be invited to a feast and also to drink to the married couple, and wish them a blessed life. 

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After the wedding, if the couple has their own house, the wife will only have to stay with the fiancé’s family for three days until she moves with her husband to their new house. If not, the couple will live with the fiancé’s family.

In some cases, the fiancé will be asked to live for a certain period with his future in-laws in honor of làm rể (bridegroom in apprenticeship).


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