9 popular drinks in Vietnam (part 3)

Posted: Wednesday, June 7, 2017

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7. Chè Huế (Hue sweet soup)

Hue is a unique city rich in history, culture, architecture, art, and cuisine. Among many desserts, Chè (sweet soup) is famous with 36 kinds, including both royal and folk. Each type has its own taste. With skillful hands of Hue women, many delicious, nutrient Chè was made to serve local people and others from around the world.

We can list some names of Chè Cung Đình (royal sweet soup) as: Chè hạt sen (lotus seed), Chè nhãn bọc hạt sen (longan stuffed lotus seed), Chè bột lọc bọc thịt quay (cassava flour stuffed roasted pork), Chè môn (made from a variety of taro), etc.

And some popular folk Chè such as: Chè bắp (corn), Chè trôi nước (sticky rice cake and green pea paste), Chè khoai sọ (taro), Chè đậu ngự (kidney beans sweet soup), Chè đậu xanh (mungs bean), Chè đậu đỏ (red bean), etc.

In Hue, there are quite famous Chè stalls famous. These include Miss Ton Dich in front of Thuong Bac Pavilion, Chè Hem in a small lane on Hung Vuong street.Chè normally serves in small bowls, glasses, or transparent plastic bags for takeaway. Chè Hue is very cheap, just a few thousand Vietnam dong.


8. Vietnamese rice wine

Almost no one knows when exactly rice wine became popular in Vietnam. But through thousand years of history, Vietnamese rice wine with its own fragrance is considered a national drink, and a staple on the ancestors’ alters in their death’s anniversaries or in Tết holiday, leveraged as an offering. Vietnamese rice wine is mainly made from sticky rice and cereals.  In spite of applying the same recipe, each region has its own unique flavor, which is influenced by many factors such as the characteristics of the soil, climate or yield. For example, Bac Ha corn wine sticks to people in Ban Pho for its pervasive fragrance which is pleasant to taste with Thang Co (horse meat cooked with 12 different types of spice including a special herb called Thang Co), a local specialty.


9. Draft beer

People enjoy beer not only for its cooling effect but also as an excuse to meet friends and colleagues and to share with them all the ongoing sadness and happiness. Even though it appeared after beer bottles, draft beer swiftly leaped to popularity and became a specialty which is a favorite drink of the local people and foreigners. Draft beer is usually served with finger food such as roasted meat or dried cuttlefish. 


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